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Thursday, 24 January 2013

[Review] Cute Pink Bunny to brighten your life!

This is the repost of my old entry. I decided to keep it, even though I have delete all others. So, let it be the first post in my renewed blog~!!
Heeey, guys!! ^-^

Have you noticed that I`ve been super active these days? ~kkkk *however I`m still a lazy ass ;o* O`key, this post is all about one super kawaii item - Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar~! ^^

I felt in love with Tonymoly from the first (or was it second? xd) sight! Their cute packaging is so magnetic, that you want to by the product even if you don`t need it or it isn`t for your skin type xDD
I am the one, who wanted to have a cute bunny and only then a lip gloss/lipstick ;p

Sooo~~ This is the package I received (btw I have ordered it on e-bay)!
My Petite Bunny has #1 color - it looks like a bright "hot" pink, but gives nice light or "baby" pink shade~ And it smells.... strawberries!! >>-<< Really!! I just want to eat it! ~yummy~
*absolutely happy to have this gloss*
Moreover, as you might noticed, I have also received a free face mask with green tea extracts!! Aw~ I was happy to get it for free, as a little gift for my purchase! ~love e-bay sellers~ kkk

And, how it looks in my lips with flash:
The whole look:

That`s it!
See ya~! ^-^Y

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