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Sunday, 3 November 2013

[Review] EOS Honey suckle\Honeydew lip balm

Hello, guys~! ^^
First of all, this is going to be a very negative review lol As you can notice I rare write negative stuff about the products I use. Mostly because I have a good experience and usually like the things I have bought. The second reason is that I like to share a positive experience with you rather than writing a negative one. However, sometimes it is important to tell about bad products, too. So maybe someone won`t lost his\her money for the products, which isn`t worth it. 
Today`s edition - the product I regret buying or a crap product haha And as you can see from the blog title it is EOS Honeydew lip balm.
I have wanted to try EOS lip balms for a while. I have seen lots of videos on Youtube, where girls have this lip balms. I liked the packaging a lot and I thought if so many people are using EOS, this lip balm should be something really amazing, right? How wrong I was... t_t 
It is impossible to find an EOS products in Russia. The only available option for me was to buy it from e-bay. You can imagine, that EOS lip balm at e-bay is way more expensive than at some local shops in the USA. But i have decided to try it anyway, so I have found a seller with not-so-high prices. This little egg-shape lip balm cost ~8$ (at my case). I find it very expensive for a lip balm, but remember, I though this is super good product. so it might be worth the money! How naive i was.. lol
After a while I have received my purchase. 

this is how much I`ve used it. I really tried ><

Look pretty nice! This light green packaging is cute ^^ Of course, the content and the properties seem to be awesome. I was soo~ excited to use it! However, very soon my excitement became a huge disappointment. >-<`
Just let me show you the pros and cons of the EOS Honeydew lip balm, and you will understand why I don`t like it at all. *and why it is so crappy*

  1. cute package
  2. nice smell
  3. good content - super natural! 
  1. uncomfortable to apply - the ordinary lip stick shaped lip balms are way better and easier it usage
  2. sweet taste - omg, i hate it sooooo much!! I want my lip balm to have no taste whatsoever! >-<``
  3. pricey - i can buy 3 (!!) Nivea lip balms for the same price (as each is just 2$)!
  4. not moisturizing - i have to re-apply this lip balm again and again and still it doesn`t moisturize lips at all. Once again, Nivea lip balms always work amazing when it comes to moisturizing and keeping my lips soft and smooth. 
EOS stands for "Evolution Of Smooth" - are you guys serious? Like, really? *smooth my arse*
The main reason for buying a lip balm is that we want to keep our lips moisturizing and soft, to protect them from cold or windy weather or to much sun. However, EOS lip balm can do nothing! Except having a cute package and nice content. 
This product is so not worth a hype!


p.s. Do you have another experience with EOS lip balms? Or maybe you were also disappointed? Share it with me!

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  1. I also purchased this one as well as the Summer Fruit version. I also really don't like them. I don't like that they are flavored/sweet and I don't find them particularly moisturizing either. The packaging is cute but bulky. I think they are way overhyped.