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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Music favorites: May edition

Hello~! ^-^
I continue showing my TOP 5 songs of the month. Some of the songs I have been listening for quite a while now, others are my new "addiction". As I have done the previous times, I will write down the songs in no particular order. Just in a way they come to me kkk~

1. 갓세븐 - 따라와 /GOT7 - Follow me
This is the 2nd group I have started to like right after their debut (which was this January). The 1st one was B.A.P, of course ^-^ "따라와" is my favorite song from GOT7 album "Got It". *I like it mostly because of the Mark`s rap ^-^` He is too cool, really! He literally flies with all this acrobatics and martial art tricks*. Anyway, back to the song...  It doesn`t have an official music video, but guys made a video at last (10th) episode of their show - "Real Got7". So check it out!

Aren`t they too cute? ;o

2. 투애니원/ 2NE1 - Crush
Once again, there is a video from 2NE1`s live, there you can see them performing this song *and it is amazing performance!* I listen "Crush" at least once a day lol The song is super catchy and it makes you want to dance along with girls, especially after watching their live kkk The song and performance together give a strong energy boost? so it is impossible not to move. And yes, girls are the best! Without any more words, just watch it:

Are you dancing? ;p

3. 갓세븐 - 난 니가 좋아 / GOT7 - I like you
Again, the rap part of this song is awesome, Mark and Jackson killed it. And the very beginning with Yugyeom`s rap was cool, yet kinda funny lol He can`t act sexy being the maknae. hahaha sorry~
Anyways, there two dance practice videos you can watch to understand my feelings keke

these dorks lol

4. 악동뮤지션 (AKMU) - 얼음들 / AKMU (Akdong Musician) - Melted
The song is beautiful itself, but with the MV, it leaves even stronger feeling. AKMU has debuted a month ago and already this brother/sister duo made many people like them. *you cannot stay emotionless hearing girl`s angelic voice and boy`s dorky rap*. Check their MV below, and don`t forget a pack of tissues, you might need them!

5. Drake - The Motto ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga
Okey.. Kinda unexpected, right? ahaha But I have a story to explain how the hell this kind of song got into my TOP 5. And of course, the story is connected with some K-pop stuff. >-<`
The reason of why I am so into this song, is Team B (aka YG trainees). In the 4th (if i am not mistaken) episode of WIN: Who Is Next show (wanna see YG future groups? Watch the show!), there was a battle YG vs. JYP trainees. Team B performed dance routine to the Drake song. The dance itself was awesome and flawless *IMHO*, and I like the song a lot too. That`s why I have to check the original. ^^  YOLO~!!!

the original - beware of explicit lyrics! I have warned you!

Team B dance ^-^

That`s it, guys! See you~ Enjoy the music ;p 

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