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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Music favorites. September

Annyeong~! ^-^
The middle of the month is the perfect time for Music favorites!! I will show an update version of TOP 5 songs, I have been listening a lot recently. As always, I will post them in no particular order, without any "best of the best" songs, because I love them all lol~
Anyway, here we go~!

1. EXO "Black Pearl"
EXO-K leader Suho once have mentioned in the interview for Chinese program, that this is his favorite song from the album. And after that I have decided to check it. Wow~ I was so shocked! The song is absolutely beautiful!! >< For me, it was a love from the first tune kkk
There is no MV for the song, but even without visual part the song is truly amazing!

2. EXO "Heart attack"
Together with "Black Pearl" I discovered "Heart attack". I can`t tell you why I find this song so catchy and why I like it that much, so it is in my current TOP 5. I just like it for everything: music, lyrics, the atmosphere it makes.
Once again, as it isn`t the title song from the album, there is no official video for it. Just enjoy the music. ^^

3. EXO "Let out the beast"
I swear I haven`t plan to make EXO-centric TOP. ;o It`s an accident!! haha
"Let out the beast" is the latest song I have noticed. I guess I like it mostly for the rap part kk After all I am Chanyeol biased ^-^`
And yeah, sadly no MV for this song, too~

4. Infinite (인피니트) "Man in love" (남자가 사랑할때)
Okey, I know the song isn`t all new. Infinite has promoted it like half of the year ago. But as I am not a huge fan of this group "sorry, you know Sungyeol how much I love you though~! oh, well, maybe you don`t know >-<`", the 1st time I have heard it was ~a month ago. t_t I feel so sad~ The song gives happy fresh feeling, so I wish I had listened it earlier ><

5. B.A.P "I remember" (With 대현) (방용국 Solo)
Here is the story... There is original version of the song, with Bang Yongguk rap (solo, rap) and Yoseob from Beast (for chorus). But I like the other version with Daehyun singing the chorus (you can find this version at B.A.P Crush repackage album). 
Below, I will post the original song which has an MV, as well as, the live version, where Yongguk is performing with Daehyun.

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