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Friday, 2 May 2014

Update or what the hell have I been doing all this time?!

Hello~hello~! ^^` 
*trying not to look guilty*
It has been a long time I had posted my last entry. And since the end of November, 2013, there was no updates whatsoever. I guess I can name 2 main reasons of such continuous absence:

  1.  I am genuinely lazy person. Because of my laziness I have already missed so many opportunities in life! >-< But I couldn`t change my nature. At least, I can`t win my fight against laziness all the time. I think at the end of last year I had this major attack of "I-want-to-do-nothing-but-watching-anime\drama\Korean videos-all-the-time" *speaking in normal language, I had this huge "blast" of laziness*. So all I wanted to do was watching or reading *my life was pretty sad, yes*.
  2.  I need to have "an inspiration" before starting to write, so my posts won`t be extremely boring. And "inspiration" or special inner condition (call it as you wish) was something I lacked badly during this months. You might find it funny or stupid, but I believe it is wrong to write when you don`t feel like writing at all. Otherwise you will make a shitty material *wonder how bad my posts were all this time ahahaha*. Thus, I have been waiting patiently.    

Besides of two not-so-real for someone reasons, I have also a decent one - I have changed my working place. I think you don`t know at all, but I have worked as a shop assistant for 2 years. And if you have an experience of working in the shop, you might understand my feelings pretty well. From the outside point of view, work in the shop is easy and even pleasant at some point. It isn`t true at all! *remember, i describe my own experience and feelings!* First of all, it was hard to stay on feet for 10-11 hours, with a little rest (you can`t sit during your work, only at small breaks 2 times a day). Secondly, I have became anti-social person working in the shop (or even sociopath) *like it is possible to stay away from people and being a human at the same time lol*. I really hated people as a "crowd", although I still liked to talk and spend time with family and friends. I became irritated and grumpy *and it wasn`t as cute as grumpy cat is ;p*.
Experiencing all of this, I have decided I didn`t want to wait any more and left this hell-of-a-working-place kkk Searching for a new job wasn`t easy. I had spent much time before I have found a perfect place for myself - a library. ^-^ Almost 6 months later, I can proudly call myself librarian. ;)
Guys, it is a huge difference between a job you do for money and a job you do for soul! I like reading a lot and working with and among books makes me happy and calm. I still communicate and deal with people, but this time it is another sort of communication. I guess I was luck enough to find a perfect balance, so I feel good every day.

I also continue preparing for my second (and definitely not last) trip to South Korea. I plan to go to Korea in October, so I have a lot of time to think about everything and to make this trip even better than the first one *is it possible?? haha because the 1st one was amazing! ^^*.

As for now, I hope the inspiration will stay with me and laziness won`t interfere my regular updates in this blog.

See you soon~! ^-^

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