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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Holika Holika & Tonymoly - Seoul haul~

Hey, minna~! ^^
Today I will continue my "series" of Seoul hauls. This time I am going to show another cosmetic products from two Korean brands - Holika Holika and Tonymoly~!!

1. Holika Holika
I like the concept of the brand - witchery and mystery. But as I am not interested in make up that much (I am going crazy when it comes to skin care though ;o), I couldn`t find lots of products at Holika holika shops, which I would really like.
Anyway, let me show how their shops look like ;p

And these are the products I have bought there:
  • Apple Shine peeling sheet (2pcs.)
  • Dessert Time Blueberry and Melon pudding packs
  • Baby Silky Foot mask sheet
  • Samples - Honey sleeping pack & Water March moisture full cream
  • Hand Warmer Moisture hand cream #berry
  • Baby Silky Foot mask sheet
  • Lavender Tea mask sheet
  • Samples - Prime Youth toner & emulsion and Face 2 Change Moist Cushion bb cream 

2. Tonymoly
Tonymoly is a good Korean brand, however I can`t say i like it that much. I have found there super good products (for ex.: Babydoll bb powder, Dear Me petite cotton bb cream and Dear Me Waterful skin), but I can`t say I am a huge fan of this brand overall. 
Anyways, here is the concept of the Tonymoly shops:
JYJ~!! ^^

And these are some products I have bought at Tonymoly~!

  • Tea Tree Seed cleansing cream
  • Natural Help Essence sheet mask: Ginseng & Makgeolli
  • Sample - Floria flower energy foam cleanser

  • Dr.Tony AC control pink dip spot serum
  • Changing U Magic Foot peeling shoes
  • Samples (girl in the shop was sooo kind to give lots of samples!!) - Floria whitening cream (3pcs.), Floria active peeling gel (2pcs.) and Clean Dew Broccoli cleansing cream (2pcs.). 

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