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Sunday, 28 April 2013

[UpDate!] Trip to Seoul

Hey, guys~! ^^
Haven`t written for almost a month! Well, I have an excuse, which is called "work" and "preparation for a trip". kkk
During this month I have done so many things, that I still can`t believe I was able to do all of this. Seriously! lol I had to plan everything. And I wanted to be sure I didn`t miss even a little thing! After all I am going to foreign country and I don`t want to have any problems and difficulties there.
So, let me tell you what I have done!

1. Plane tickets
I have flights operated by Korean Air in both ways. I depart from St.Petersburg airport in May, 2 and I will arrive at Incheon (Seoul) airport in May, 3 at 1:35 PM~!
And I will come back to Russia at the 1st of June. Basically, I am going to stay in Seoul for almost a month! Wow~! I hope to have great time there ~kk
Oh, and tickets cost me 742 . Quite expensive, right? But it was the cheapest variant I was able to find -_-`

2. Accommodation & Meals
I will stay at dormitory, there I will have a spare room. The dorm is situated in the central part of Seoul, in Seodaemun-gu, close to 2 green Line of subway. It is awesome, because the 2 Line is like the best way to see all famous tourist attractions! ^-^
I had to pay 450$ for my stay in dormitory. However it also includes meals 2 time per day, so the amount wasn`t that big! hehe~

3. Korean language courses
I`m going to study at THIS Korean language school. It is close to my dorm (as I wanted). I will study there only for two weeks. That`s why I think I will get only some basic things during the course. But it is fine to me, as I will be able to continue studying Korean by myself after that. ^-^` (i hope lol)
AS for the study, I have also paid ~450$. Which is really expensive at my point of view. >-<

O`key. So this is what I have been doing during the April - took care about the trip. Now I have only one day of work left, and after that I am going to enjoy 36 days long holidays!!! Wish me good luck in the trip! ^-^

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