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Monday, 1 April 2013

Best Absolute Perfect - POWERful comeback. Pt.2

Annyeong~! ^-^

I have already written a post about 1st B.A.P CD "Warrior". If you miss it, HERE you could read about it and enjoy photos. kk~
Today I want to show you another load of photos of the 2nd disk, called "Power"
During Power promotions B.A.P finally became recognizable because of different look of each boy lol
I like this CD a lot too (as much as I like the 1st CD keke)~
The disk consists of 4 songs (actually, 3 full songs and 1 intro):
  1. "Fight For Freedom (Intro)" 
  2. "Power"
  3. "What the Hell'"
  4. "전부 거짓말 (All Lies)"
Here, my favorite song is a title song - "Power".
O`key, no more words, just look at the photos!
front view

back side with a list of songs
on the left is photobook ^^

1. 방용국


2. 김힘찬

3. 정대현


4. 유영재

5. 문종업


6. Zelo

lyrics for songs

last page of photobook

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