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Friday, 7 June 2013

Seoul for the soul~

Hello, guys~! ^-^
Almost a week ago I have returned from Korea. *crying hard* The trip was wonderful and I have enjoyed every single day I have spent there. The month passed so fast! I wish to stay longer~ >-< However, I do plan to come back in Korea in this autumn! keke I just have to survive here, in Russia for some months ;p
Yes, after Korea, Russia is such sad place to live in t_t I can`t say I fell in love with Korea (or better to say, Seoul) from the very first sight. No! Actually it was pretty awkward and strange to live there for the 1st two days. -_-` I was asking myself: "What the hell are you doing here?" "Is it a right place for you?", etc. But a week after, I was so in love with the city, that there were no doubts anymore - this is the place I want to stay, live and work in. ^-^
Just look, how great the Seoul is!

Seoul is different! But it makes the city unique and fascinating. It makes you want to return there again and again~

Anyways, let`s stop my lyrics here. ~kkk 
What I wanted to say, is that I am not in a "hiatus" any more. ^-^ From now on I will post themed stories about different places in Seoul, as well as some review on Korean cosmetics. I hope you would have fun reading it, because I am sure, I will enjoy showing you Seoul for sure! ;p
See you next time~!

p.s. yes, I love Korea ahaha

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