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Thursday, 17 October 2013

September favorites~!

Hello, guys~! ;p
How is October? Do you enjoy it~? We have already had snow.. at the end of September T_T so annoying! And today I have woken up just to see that the temperature outdoors was -5`C :o I hate living in the north
Anyway, today I have finally decided to write another edition of "the favorite products of the month"! I know, it is kinda late, as half of the October has already passed, but I think it is better to do something late, than never, right? kk
By the way, if you want to know what I have been using (and liking) during past months, you are welcome to check - August and July favorites.

1. Skin care products

  1. Hadalabo Gokujyun Deep Moisturizing Lotion 170 ml - very good moisturizing product, which I have been using for more than 6 months now. It works the best if you apply the lotion right after cleansing your face. It makes the skin soft and healthy. Unfortunately, it is going to end this month t_t
  2. Dr.POST Snail Collagen Aquaring gel 300 ml - it hydrates, lifts and smooths skin. It is fine to use it all over your face and body. I, personally, apply it as a body "lotion" (gel). It works pretty good and keeps my skin moisturized. 
  3. Nature Republic AQUA super aqua max moisture watery cream 80 ml - i can use it at any part of the day, because it soaks fast and doesn`t leave "oily" shimmer on your face. These days I apply it in the morning as a base for powder (powder makes my skin dry, so such moisturizing cream is a must). O, and this cream is for dry skin! Beside this kind, there are also AQUA creams for both oily and normal skin types.

2. Make up and other

  1. Etude House Easy peel-off base coat 8 (?) ml - every girl who likes glitter and shimmery nail polishes must have such product! What you have to do with it is just to apply this coat as a base and after ~5 minutes put a glitter or shimmer on the top. When you get tired of your glitter, all you need is to peel of the color! ^^ Super fast and no harm to your nails!
  2. Maybelline Colorama Talisman collection #50 Amethyst 7,5 ml - very beautiful color with small shimmer. It looks amazing on nails!
  3. Essence Color & go #147 Miss Universe 8 ml - black color (base) with green and blue sparkles. Looks fantastic! ^^
  4. Etude House Apricot stick  #1 달콤 포도 - gives light pinkish color and smells like grapes ~so yummy!! >< 
  5. Holika Holika Wonder drawing eyeliner auto stick - the best way to use it, is to apply on water line. I prefer to apply it on upper water line - this way it is almost invisible but at the same time it makes your eyes brighter and more noticeable - looks super natural and beautiful! ^^

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