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Monday, 4 November 2013

~*~ October favorites ~*~

Hi, there~ ^-^
The beginning of the month is the time for previous month favorite cosmetic products! If you want to check up last months favorites, feel free to click the links below:

1. Skin care products
The weather is getting colder here, so I have to take more care about my skin. Last month I have been using new skin care products, I haven`t tried before. So far, all of them are super effective. ^^ What`s why they are in my list of favorite products. However, I have been using many other products as well. It is just they have already been in other monthly edition of favorite products. And I`ve decided there is no need to show them again and again. Just keep that in mind, and check the earlier versions of "favorites"! ^_-
Here are the products I want to show this time:

  1. The Face Shop RICE Ceramide moisture toner 150ml - my favorite Hadalabo lotion is coming to an end *sadly*, so I really needed a new product. This one was quite cheap, comparing to the other toners\lotions so I have decided to give it a try. Moreover, i like its characteristics and content. What can i say about it? This toner is a good moisturizer, which works perfectly in a tandem with the same emulsion (i always use them together). It keeps my skin away from dryness, which is very important during the cold season. I also like the softness i feel after using it~ ^-^
  2. The Face Shop RICE Ceramide moisture emulsion 150ml - actually, I can say the same things I have written about the toner (remember! I use toner and emulsion together). The only thing i want to add - I can use emulsion only in the evening, because it leaves some "shine", which doesn`t look appealing at my face ~lol So it is a big NO for morning routine, but a perfect choice for evening care! ^^
  3. MIZON Special Therapy Good Night white sleeping mask 50ml - I swear, this is like the best sleeping mask ever!!! It is a must if you have some blemishes or marks on you face, because it makes them less noticeable. This mask also makes my skin smooth and a little bit brighter *which I like a lot haha* It also keeps the moisture inside of the skin, so you might not even need to put some products on your face in the morning! 
2. Make up and other

  1. Maybelline Baby Skin instant pink transformer 30ml - This is a special product you can find only in Asian countries *if I am wrong, please, correct me* How it works? You can use it as a primer or a single product, it depends on your need and desirable effect. I, personally, use it alone or together with the powder, if I want my skin to stay matte. This product makes your skin tone better and more even. It brighten the skin and leaves a little "pinkish glow". *beware! if you have a reddish face this product is your enemy! ;o* So basically, it makes your skin look healthy and gives a nice shine. More than that, it also protects from the sun rays, as it has SPF 35/PA+++
  2. Tonymoly Baby Doll BB powder 15g - even though Innisfree No Sebum Mineral powder is currently #1 to me, this Tonymoly powder is still of of the best. Besides it works better in a cold season, when Innisfree powder is more suitable for warm days. It perfectly covers little "problems" on the face and makes the skin looks better over all. For me, it is enough to use this powder without any foundation or bb cream underneath.
  3. NIVEA Soft eye make-up remover lotion #for sensitive skin 125ml - this is the best eye make up remover! Korean removers can`t even compete with it! *and this is super rare case when i can say that Korean cosmetic products work worser than some other haha* This remover gently cleans your eyes. It can remove even "hard to remove" mascaras. And what I like a lot is that it doesn`t leave an oily feeling: it is like a water. ^-^  
  4. VOV Lip care balm #strawberry - this is a tinted lip balm with amazing strawberry scent! ~so yummy! It is a perfect choice for the ones, who wants to have some color and at the same time to protect their lips from dehydration. 
  5. SKINFOOD Black Bean eye brow pencil #black brown - this is a "two-side" pencil. There is a brow brush from the one side and a pencil - from the other. It is easy to apply the color on eye brows. And I can say the color lasts pretty long without any smudges. Yay for the pencil! kkk~


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