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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music favorites - November. MAMA

As half of the month has already passed, the time has come for Music favorites! ^-^ Last month I has some troubles writing a post about October, because I had more than usual 5 favorite songs. So that time I have done a TOP 7 of the month. Now I have exactly the opposite situation ~lol I have some new songs I like, but I have been listening mostly old ones. However, after some struggle, I have formed the TOP 5 of November~!! ^^`
As always, I will post the songs in no particular order.

1. 틴탑 "장난아냐" (Teen Top - Rocking)
The song has been released back in August. But i have really noticed it only at the end of October. Of course I have heard some tunes and lyrics from it earlier, but I guess i had to see the MV to understand how freaking cool the song (and especially dance) is!
Speaking about dance.. it is AWESOME!! This "free step" technique is so catchy that I whenever I see it I want to dance too ~haha The song is great too - fast and unique. *and it was the first time I have seen how hot the CAP is ahahha*

2. The Pretty Reckless "You make me wanna die"
I have always had a soft thing for bands with rock or metal music and female vocals. No wonder this band caught my attention. I have also heard some other songs, not just "You make me wanna die", but only this song was able to make it to my TOP 5. The MV isn`t fantastic *if only you aren`t a pervert enjoying a girl undressing herself*, but the songs itself is amazing (thought the lyrics are simple). Oh, and the song is quite old - it goes back to 2010.
Thumbs up for sexy blond vocals! ;p


3. 태양 "링가 링가"  (Taeyang - Ringa Linga)
This is definitely the great song!! 대박! The song + dance performance = 
Some people might say that "Ringa Linga" isn`t a Taeyang style, but I have to disagree with that. I think it is a nice change from his usual style - i enjoyed his rapping and dancing a lot! O, about the choreography... There are two versions of MV for this song: the 1st one is dance performance, which came earlier, and the 2nd - the actual MV. In my opinion, the dance version was better. Sure, it is more simple, but it shows how perfectly the music and dance are combined.
It is kinda sad the song came out at the end of the year, otherwise it might win at different categories, for example, at MAMA.
Anyways, I will show two versions of MV and it is up to you to decide which one is better. ^_-

4. 인피니트 "파라다이스" (Infinite - Paradise)
The song is 2 years old (September, 2011), but i have discovered it *accidentally* a few weeks ago *shame on me! >-<`*  Since that time I have been listening it a lot. My favorite part is chorus and I can play it on repeat a hundred of times.. literally. lol 

5. Deathstars "Metal"
Surprise~! No, not really. I am big fan of metal. I have been listening metal, power metal and black metal for more than 7 years now *just to compare - I am a fan of K-pop only for 3 years or something* Metal is my core. And Deathstars has been in the list of my favorite bands for ages. Their MVs are freaking awesome and they always have powerful live performances.
"Metal" is one of their latests MV (even though it was released 2 years ago t_t). Check it! Who knows, you might become a fan of powerful dark music too. ^-^

P.S. Guys, MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) is coming~!!! Don`t miss the last chance to vote for your favorite artists!! Show how much you love them! Go and check the main page to support your artist -> HERE. The voting will be closed tomorrow and at the 22d (??) of November you can see MAMA 2013 live in Hong Kong~!! 

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