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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Korean snacks

WARNING! Never ending post full of photos ;o 
Hey, guys~! ^-^
Do you enjoy the November? Do you have a feeling that the Christmas is just around the corner? Not yet? lol I don`t have such feeling yet~ ;p I think it is too early to think about holiday.
So for today, I am planning to share some pictures of Korean snacks I have tried when I was in Seoul. I can`t really tell you about each food I ate, but if I have something to say about this particular snack, i will do that. ^^

뿌셔뿌셔 (whack whack) - this is a ramen with seasoning, which is supposed to be eaten dry (without adding boiled water). But before eating it you should crack the ramen inside of the pack *now you know why it is called like that kkk~*

i guess i don`t need to explain this snack lol you could find such cookies in your convenient store. This particular one is made by the well-known Korean company - Lotte (롯데)

 신짱 (shinjjang) - sweet honey-flavored crisps. I wonder why the are called "못말리는" (unstoppable lol), because I was able only to eat a little of it, as it was too sweet and "filling" and I am usually a big sweet-tooth.

 Now I know I don`t like Korean crisps ><` And by it I mean "made in Korea by Korean company" crisps. Why? I don`t know about other countries, but in Russia crisps are always salty + with different flavors. This Korean crisps (and others, as I have tried different brands and kinds) are SWEET. Like, what the hell?? t_t I would never ever buy them lol

참붕어빵 - literary translates as "real carp [looking] bread". It is sweet chewy cake with chocolate flavoring. 

This are chewy caramel & chocolate flavor sweets. We have it in Russia, too. So I have bought it mostly because I wanted to compare. Now I can say - the sweets are the same in Russia and Korea ~keke + it was super cheap at Daiso 1000 Won (~1$).

This tastes the same as Snickers chocolate bar. But cheaper when it comes to price. ^_-

These are cookies with a buttery-cheese flavor. Because it doesn`t have just a cheese flavor ("butter" makes cookies more "filling", so you can`t actually eat a lot of it), it was difficult even to eat a couple of cookies. ><` But such snack will definitely save you from starvation lol 

Comparing to the earlier mentioned Korean crisps, these ones were better. But. It can`t be even compared with the world-known brands, or even some Russian chips ;o p.s. "베이컨칩" means simple "bacon chips" 

후렌치파이 (French pie) has nothing similar with "pie" *in my perception* - it doesn`t look that nice and it tastes not-so-delicious. You would want to waste your money on something else, believe me ^-^

 "팥빙수" (patbingsu) - popular Korean "dessert"; consists of sweet red beans, lots of ice and some topping (might be marshmallow or jelly, for example). This is the best food for hot summer day, as it cools down and refreshes very good!

Don`t know what to say about it. It wasn`t the best food I have tried in Korea. And I won`t buy it second time.

Very good, "musli-like" snack. Healthy (fruits, nuts, berries, grains and yogurt) and convenient to use "on the go". d^^b

These were just a part of snacks and sweets I have tried in Korea. Overall I can say that sweet things in Russia are more tasty than in Korea. At this point I was kinda disappointed. However, there were some awesome super tasty things, like 팥빙수 (patbingsu) and 삼각킴밥 (triangle kimbap - i haven`t shown this one), which I love so much. I will buy it again and not just a one time for sure! ^-^ As you can notice, the most tasty snacks are "traditional" Korean snacks, which you can`t usually find in other countries, but in Korea. So, if you are planning to visit Korea, I recommend you to try it!  

p.s. What are your favorite snacks? ^-^

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