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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Best Absolute Perfect - Debut of Warriors. Pt.1

Do you remember my post about Korean group B.A.P?? If not, check it HERE first!
So in that entry I have promised to show you my little collection of B.A.P CD, I have at this moment *because I have to buy like 4 more for a full collection t_t*
This time I am going to write about 1st mini-album *not actually write, more like show photos lol*
The album is called "Warrior". It was released on January 26, 2012 (digital, because CD was released on February 2, 2012) and contains four tracks.
  1. "Burn It Up (Intro)" 
  2. "Warrior"
  3. "Unbreakable
  4. "비밀연애 (Secret Love)" ft. Secret`s Song Jieun 
My favorite song is Unbreakable. However I like Warrior almost as much as Unbreakable ~kk Both songs are powerful, with strong lyrics and beautiful music.

And now, pictures of CD!!

it has hard cover, like a book
back side with titles of the tracks
this is how the disk looks like. Cool, right? kk

A few words about photobook. The quality of it is quite good - the paper is nice and colors are vivid and high quality as well. It has all group photos as well as single member`s photos. Just look below:

Bang Yongguk (용국)
my favorite!! oh, how I love him ~kkk

Yoo Youngjae (영재)

Kim Himchan (힘찬)
lying like a whore >-< but I still love you ~k

Moon Jongup (종업)

Jung Daehyun (대현)

Zelo (젤로)

And boys altogether again!

O`key~ Till the next time! ^-^
See ya~

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