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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review on products from RoseRoseShop haul~!!

Hey, guys~! ^^
Feeling good? keke  These days the weather is really nice in my city - sunny and warm. Finally, I feel the beginning of spring ^^` lol
Anyway, today I am going to make a little review on some products from RoseRoseShop haul.
Here is a photo of all products together:

1. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream I can fly No.03 (Cotton) Cerulean Warbler

The packaging is super cute >-<` However inside of the "bird" you will find a little amount of cream (30 ml, but it seems to be even less than that!). Seriously.. If you use a lot of hand cream, you should probably look for another cream. Now, speaking about scent - nice and pleasant, BUT, it has nothing similar with Sweet Cotton scent! t_t It isn`t bad or something, but I was expecting to smell something sweeter. In whole, this is an ordinary hand cream. No extra moisture or treat.
Rating:  (only for cute bird package ~kk) 

2. Innisfree It's Real LemonLime Mask (whitening)

This mask is truly amazing! It has a lot of moisture on it (special lemon lime and green complex), so be careful, otherwise your clothes will be in mask`s liquid lol~ My skin became soft, smooth and started to look healthier after the usage. I`ll definitely get other types of this mask!
! Little shortcoming - this sheet mask has little holes for eyes area. I had to cut them so the formula of this mask wouldn`t reach my eyes -_-
Rating :  (I`m satisfied with the results, so the rating is high ^^)

3. The Face Shop Mini Capsule Pack - No.01 (Honey)

This little capsule pack smells delicious!! Like a real honey ~yummy~
The texture is gel-like, easy to apply and you`ll need a little amount of product to cover all face (I guess I will use it for a couple of times, before it comes to the end)
This pack makes skin soft and moisturized. I used it to "calm" my skin after long and tiring working days.

4. Innisfree No Sebum Powder Mint

This powder has fresh, mint-like scent: pure white color. However, it gives no color on the skin. It just controls sebum and makes your skin mate for some hours. It also protect the skin from dirt, dust and other things, that might be a reason of acne and bad skin condition. And.. I like it also because of the effect if gives on a photo (when you use a flash) - gorgeous beautiful skin without any defects! Cool, right? keke 

See you soon~! ^-^Y

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