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Friday, 23 August 2013

Best Absolute Perfect - The 3rd single album. Pt.4

Hello, guys~! ^^
Today I am going to continue writing about my favorite Korean group - B.A.P. Or, well, rather than writing, I am planning to show you another CD I have. ^-^` For the other parts you can click the following links: Debut of Warriors. Pt.1, POWERful Comeback. Pt.2 and No Mercy. Pt.3
The disk I am reviewing today is simply called "The 3rd Single album" and consists of 3 composition:
- Yessir
- 하지마
- Happy Birthday
My favourite song from this album is "Yessir" *for all my BABY`s yessir!*. Even though it is like an intro, not a full composition, i still like it a lot. ^^
The album is quite small in the size, too (comparing to other CDs). But it has a nice photobook and texts of the lyrics in it.
So, here is the album:
the front side with matoki on it ^^ you can`t see it on the photo, but under the name of the group, there are names of all members in gold letters.
back side of the album with the titles of the songs and credits
ta~dah! at the left side - photobook, at the right - disk
1st page of the photobook

The next I am going to show all the photos from the book. 


~the end~

p.s. the next part will be about the one chance, you might have ;p Can you guess the title? ~keke

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