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Thursday, 8 August 2013

July favorites~!!

Hello, guys~! ^-^
July has already passed and I can already sense the autumn coming ;o I don`t feel sad, though. I like autumn more than summer ~kk *i pretty much hate hot super sunny weather t_t*
Anyway, as a 1st entry for August I want to share my favorite products of July. This is my very first time writing such issue, but I think from now on i will do it every month.. maybe~ haha I don`t know yet, because I am sure i am going to use the same products in this month too *actually I am already doing it ;p*.
How my "favorites" will look like? I am planning to post a picture with a description of the products and a few words comment of my impression of it *prepare for "omgosh i love it so much!!!" ahaha*.
Here it is~

1. Skin care products

  1. SNP Pore Cleansing Foam 150 ml - great foam, which helps to keep my skin clean and healthy ^-^ 
  2. Nature Republic Sleeping Tonight Lavender sleeping pack 150 ml - the best sleeping pack so far!! Love it! ^^
  3. The Face Shop Aloe fresh 95% all-in-one moisture gel 500 (!!) ml - great as a body lotion or a light gel for face. Can be used even as a hair mask!
  4. Nature Republic Natural Color Tangerine pack (peel off) 120 ml - very good pack, makes my skin super soft.
  5. SKINFOOD Egg white pore mask 100 g - has the same effect as a clay mask - makes my skin healthy and pores less noticeable ;p

2. Make up and other

  1. Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton bb cream 30 g - really good bb cream which i use as a concealer, not for a whole face.
  2. Colormatic Premium EyeMarker no. 01 (black eyeliner) - i like marker eyeliners! They are so easy to use ^^
  3. A`PIEU Full of Nature mascara (black) - perfect volume mascara.
  4. The Face Shop Mini Pet Sweet hand cream 30 ml - very cute packaging with a good moisturizing hand cream in it.  
  5. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral powder - the best powder i have so far, small format, but I have been using it for months now.
  6. The Body Shop Strawberry eau de toilette 30 ml - i am addicted to this fresh yet sweet strawberry scent! I use it pretty much every day since March, and i still have 1\3 left ^^.
So that was my July favorites~ ^^ I am using all this products in this month too, so I am not sure if there will be another favorites for August.. well, we`ll see! ~hehe

p.s. Have you noticed that I use almost only Korean products? ~kk That`s because they are always good - great price with an amazing results~! After trying them I don`t want to use other cosmetic products than Korean. ;p

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