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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Music favorites. August

Annyeong, guys~! 
The time has come for another TOP 5~!! Horray~! keke This is an August edition. I can`t say I have been listening music non-stop this month, but I have have songs, I like to listen everyday... or even couple of times per day ^-^`
I am going to show them in no particular order, even though I like some of them more, than others. ~kkk

1. EXO "Growl" (으르렁)
Right now I am in love with the song. It is so addicted, that I can`t stop listening it ~hehe The song has two versions of MV.

2. EXO "Wolf" (늑대와미녀)

3. B.A.P "Badman"
Of course, I have to add my favourite boys ~haha Besides, this song is so good!

4. Infinite (인피니트) "Destiny" (데스티니)

5. Linkin Park "The Catalyst"

This month I am into K-pop, rather than any other music. However, I still like powerful songs. Slow and lyrical music usually it isn`t my style. :p

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