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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Best Absolute Perfect - One Shot. Pt.5

Annyeong~! ^-^V
This is the 5th part of "Best Absolute Perfect" series, where I am writing or more like showing the CDs of my favorite Korean group - B.A.P. For the previous parts please, check the links below:

What I love about "One Shot", is that with this album B.A.P returning "back to basics" to their first to powerful albums. And this is the music I like the most! ^^ Powerful, strong music is more appealing to me *no wonder, I have been a fan of metal bands for ages*
One Shot is the 2nd mini album, which consists of 5 tracks
  1. Punch 03:29
  2. One Shot 03:55
  3. 빗소리 (Rain Sound) 03:24
  4. Coma 03:28
  5. 0 [Zero] 03:25
The main song of the album is "One Shot" and it has an official MV

As to my favorite songs from the album.. It is definitely "One Shot". But "One Shot" B.A.P album is this rare case, when all songs are very good. So it is difficult to choose one. I like them all~ ^^
"Punch" has a similar tune with "No Mercy", especially you can notice it listening the chorus. 
"빗소리" is very melodic and leaves a sad feeling, but it is beautiful for sure. It has been released earlier than One Shot, and also has it own MV:

"Coma" is my 2nd favorite from the album. Well, it is as good as the title song - One Shot. ^^ O, and 송지은 (JiEun, from Secret) has a part in the song, too. And she is an owner of a very beautiful voice, which makes "Coma" even better. 
"Zero" - is more melodic comparing with powerful One Shot, and this is a kind of song you can relax by listening it. So, thumbs up!

Anyway, here is the photos of the CD:
the front side - the design of the CD is super cool! >-<

the back side with featuring songs

and this is how the disc looks like ^^

the front cover of photobook~

There was also a little surprise for fans in each CD - a photo card with random member. And guess what? I have got my favorite member of B.A.P!!! The leader - Bang Yongguk!! *happy~happy*

And now I am going to show some pictures from photobook (not all of them, or this post will be too "picture heavy" ><``)

~the END

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