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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Best Absolute Perfect - No Mercy. Pt.3

Hello, guys~! ^^
This is the 3rd part of  "B.A.P series" ~kk So far, I have done review to their two CD`s: "Warrior" and "Power". You can check it, too~! At this moment I have five B.A.P CD`s. That means, you can expect two more reviews, excluding this upcoming one~ keke
No Mercy is the 1st mini album and it has a different feeling. I mean, two previous disks are powerful, even dark sometimes. However this mini album has a playful, lighter side in it. It is different from Warrior and Power for sure!
The album consists of 5 songs:
  1. Goodbye
  2. No Mercy
  3. 음성메시지 (Voice Message)
  4. Dancing in the rain
  5. 마음이 시키는 일
Fisrt two songs has MV`s (music videos):

"Goodbye" with matoki (only 50 sec. video!)

Speaking about my favorite song from this album, it is "No Mercy" for sure! kk I like the beat at this song, and rap parts as well as vocals. And this hip waving dance is soooo~ um >-<` haha

Well, let me show you have the album looks like in life, with all photobook photos, of course! ^^

the front side is quite different from the previous albums, as it doesn`t have the well-known matoki on it

the disk is as red as the album cover ;p

here is the full list of the songs ^^

team photos~

These are the main photos of each member, but photobook contains lots of other photos, too~ ^^
And of course, at the end, there are texts of the songs, just like that:

Guys, do you like this album? Or do you think such "music style" suits B.A.P less than Warrior and Power concepts? 

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