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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

[Review] Baviphat Unbelievable RICH Volume Mascara & Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyeliner auto stick

Annyeong~! ^-^
Do you enjoy first days of spring? Ah, I don`t know what`s going on here, but the weather seems to be more colder these days, than it was during winter!! WTH?! >-<` I was waiting for real spring for so~~~ long! And what have I got? NOTHING, but winter x_x
Anyways, at the end of 2012, I have received a present from my Korean friend. She sent me two products, which I am going to talk about this time.
Here they are: Baviphat Unbelievable RICH Volume Mascara and Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyeliner Auto Stick.

1. Baviphat Unbelievable RICH Volume Mascara

I have wanted to try some Korean mascara for a long time. I have been using Maybelline mascara for ages, and I am absolutely satisfied with it. However I just wanted to have something new. Who knows, Korean mascara might be better, right? kkk~
My friend seemed to know my wishes, so she bought me  Baviphat Unbelievable RICH Volume Mascara as a part of birthday present. I was so exciting and happy!! ^-^`
BUT! I felt insecure, right after I have seen a brush. Why? Look here:

Yes! Curvy brush!! Seriously! t_t Such brushes are pain in the ass. I hate using them. Even Maybelline mascara with a brush like this is annoying and not as good as ordinary brush mascara is. Yeah, I avoid using mascaras with curvy brushes. But it was a present. So I`ve decided to give a chance to this mascara.  
And what do you think guys? This brush isn`t as bad as it seems to be. kkk I worried for nothing! Yes, it is less comfortable than ordinary straight brush, but it is still easy in use. *what a relief*
What can I say about  Baviphat mascara:
  • easy to apply, leaves no clumps and smudges, no marks on eyelids!
  • I can say nothing about curly-effect, which was promised by Baviphat, because my lashes are curly by nature ^-^
  • this mascara provides "natural" volume, you won`t have a dramatic effect with super thick lashes
  • talking about minuses.. it has only one big lack - it is difficult to remove the mascara. I am using Nivea eye make-up remover, and it isn`t strong enough for Korean product. So I waste more time, removing this mascara >-<`` 

2. Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyeliner auto stick

Because of the camera flash, it looks like the eyeliner isn`t pigmented enough. It isn`t true! It has really deep black color. This eyeliner is comfortable in use. It`s easy to draw arrows in corners of the eyes~ So I have no problems with applying. However. It`s an ordinary eyeliner without any great points. It doesn`t last long and smears a little. It also leaves marks on eyelids after a couple of hours. The good thing is that  Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyeliner is easy to remove with any make-up remover or even clean water.


Here is some photos of how these two products look in my eyes. The quality of pictures isn`t great. Just bear with it.

And full view:
That`s it! 
International Women`s Day (8th of March) is coming~! Have great time, girls!! ^-^

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