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Sunday, 24 March 2013

GREAT news!!! >-<*

Annyeong~! ^-^
I haven`t written here for some time. That`s because I was working like crazy last week t_t Could you imagine a work every day from 10 AM till 9 PM for 6 days long? Well, no wonder I felt like zombie >>-<< All I wanted is to have sleep and rest and maybe some food.. lol
Anyways, this week was hard indeed, but it wasn`t for nothing. As some of you may already know, I am working as shop assistant. And our company decided to open another shop in my city. The concept of the shop is different from the ordinary one, where I was working. New shop is going to be outlet. It means, we`ll sell clothes and accessories with discount prises only! It is cool, right? ^-^ And I am working at this new shop! ~keke

However. It isn`t a GREAT news I meant, writing a post title.

What do you see? That`s right! This is a Korean Visa!!! And I am the owner of it ;p
I have been dreaming to travel to Korea for a long time. And finally, my dream comes true! I will travel to Korea in May~! ^-^ And I`m planning to stay in Seoul for a whole month ~keke I still can`t believe in it lol
But, I was working hard during half of the year, saving almost all my salary to have enough money for a trip. So, I guess, I deserve it. ^^`
It also means, that I am going to write lots of entries about Korea, after my return. You should definitely wait for them ~kkk

See you soon~! ;p

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