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Saturday, 20 July 2013

TOP 5 of my current playlist~♪

Hello~! ^-^
I want to share the songs I like the most from my nowadays playlist! Currently I have been listening different music - from rock to k-pop. But the songs I will write below are played pretty often. ^^ I am going to write them in no particular order, as I don`t have a favorite this time ~keke

1. Muse "Hysteria"

2. Guano Apes "Big in Japan"

3. Muse "Black black heart" (David Usher cover)
*i love this song only when it is sang by Muse ^^`*
sorry, no proper video, just an audio and Black Lagoon AMV (enjoy! the anime is sooo good kk) 

4. Infinite "추격자" (The Chaser)


5. B.A.P "Hurricane"
(no TOP can be full without my favorite Korean group ~kkk)

What are your TOP songs in playlist? Let me know!

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