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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Yves Rocher haul + some review~!

Hey, minna~! ^-^
I think some of you might heard about Yves Rocher cosmetics. If not, please, check their USA (or one of their 15 country`s) site! This brand offers variety of skin, body and hair care products as well as make up for women, men and even kids. ^-^ I, personally, have been watching Yves Rocher for a while now. I have read some reviews, and observed their Russian site, too. What caught my attention? Their nature-care programs and presents policy. I like cosmetic brands which claim their products are nature-friendly or at least partially contains natural ingredients. Together with little presents they always give with even a small purchase, I feel happy to try Yves Rocher products. ^^
Almost a month ago I made a little purchase (it was my 1st time buying this brand`s cosmetics). Because I have never tried Yves Rocher before I have bought small version of different products. And how surprised  I was, when I have received a parcel within a week! wow~ kkk It was the fastest delivery so far! ^-^`
Here are products I have purchased:

list of all stuff I have received with prices ^-^

Now let me show everything one by one!

1. Towel - a free present from Yves Rocher for my purchase

2. Mini-versions of different shower gels
5 types! Looks so yummy, right? keke

Organic Raspberry
Organic Vanilla
Olive oil
Lily of the valley - this one I got for free ^^

3. Jardins du Monde - Energizing Shower Gel with Spanish Pomegranate 
This one I have received for free too ^-^

4. Fizzy bath cubes (peach & strawberry) and Lavender effervescent tablets for foot care procedures 

5. Secrets D`essences "Tender Jasmin" eau de parfum - as a gift for purchase

6. Micellar cleansing water (face, eyes & lips) - got it as a free gift
I have already tried this one. This cleansing water is fantastic! >-< It removes eyeliner and mascara fast and gentle. It also cleans face from foundation, bb creams and powder. As it was a small variant of the product, now I am thinking of buying a full version! ^^

7.  Repairing lip balm with shea butter
I had time to test this one as well~ This lip balm makes my lips soft; it protects lips from dehydration and peeling. I think it is a great product for everyday lip care. ^^

8. Pure light foundation "second skin" effect - this one i got as a gift from company~

9. some samples - all for free, of course! ;p

10. Yves Rocher Green book of Beauty - contains information about different products and lots of useful "how to".

Have you ever tried Yves Rocher products? What are your favorite? ^-^

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