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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cute stationary =^-^=

Hey, guys~! ^^
I love cute things so~o much!! No wonder I always buy cute stationary, like notebooks, planners, stickers, etc. This time I want to share my little collection of cute stationary. Such things make my day a little bit brighter and happier~ Besides, it is so much fun to plan your month in a cute book and then to decor it with cutest stickers ever!! ~kkkk
1. A planner/diary/agenda I have received some days ago (still blank!)
a carton - looks the same as the planner!
in pvc cover; 10,5 cm x 16,5 cm
the very 1st page - write down a motto!
you could plan your year...
... and each month!
there is a page for every month plan as well~
different pages for each week

for notes or whatever you want ;p

the last page is for personal information

the back cover of the planner

2. Cute stickers to decor the planner! *I also use them in letters*

3. Sentence vocabulary *to write new Korean words, so I`ll learn them faster lol*

4. Travel notebook (a great help when you are planning your trip and need to write a lot of useful information)
beautiful mint color ^-^

the pocket in the right is super useful!

5. Letter set 
I like to send cute letters to my dear friends. So one day i have decided to purchase them. ^^

6. Super cute bear notebook!

7. Little Rilakkuma pad with rubber

Do you like cute stationary? Or do you prefer simple plain one?

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