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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

[Review] Tonymoly Baby Doll BB powder~

Annyeong haseyo~! ^-^
Do you enjoy this day? kk I do! The weather is so nice here~ *happy*
Anyways, today I`m going to write a review on my favorite powder - Tonymoly Baby Doll BB Powder #1 Light Beige.
I have been using it for almost a year now and I don`t think it will come to an end any time soon ~lol

my color is #1 - Light Beige

  • it helps to control sebum and cover pores
  • it contains jojoba oil which makes your skin healthier
  • for beautiful and soft skin!
How to use
After applying foundation or bb cream, but the powder on using a puff or a special brush.
As you can see, a package has a puff. But I prefer to use kabuki brush - it`s much easier to apply powder this way. Besides, kabuki brush covers better than a puff.
kabuki brush - best tool to apply a powder!

Tonymoly Baby Doll BB Powder has a light beige color and sweet scent (this is a 1st time when a powder smells so nice! ^^).

It gives no color and obviously, couldn`t cover pimps or acne. BUT this powder makes the skin a little bit lighter and the skin tone becomes so much better! It covers blemishes pretty good, so in the end, the skin looks healthy and beautiful. It also makes my skin soft. I like how I have no oily shine for hours when I use Tonymoly Baby Doll BB Powder
just like I`ve said, it gives no color, but your skin looks sooo good with this powder~!

I prefer to apply it on a bare face. However I have also tried it with bb cream (Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream) and it works perfectly as well!!
Just let me show you some photos, so you`ll see how actually good this powder is!


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