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Thursday, 21 February 2013

[Review] Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB cream~

Double update today! keke

It`s a winter time and during this season I don`t use bb creams. *because of the cold weather my skin acts different to any bb cream, besides it looks even better without any special coverage on it*. However there is one bb cream I have been using for a long time (in autumn and earlier in summer). I am talking about Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton bb cream #1 Cotton Beige!
How this bb cream looks:
30 ml, SPF 30/PA++

It is really cheap comparing with other bb creams! It costs from 6~10$! *and it lasts forever >-<*

This bb cream makes your skin baby-soft as it adheres lightly to your skin and gives it a flawless finish. It delivers appropriate makeup coverage to your skin without leaving an oily residue behind. ©f2plus1
It keeps your skin soft and smooth. No trouble or darkening problems. No stickiness, only light feeling and soft finish... Covers all kinds of flaws on the skin and keep your skin tone nice and clean.  ©cosmeticmarket2012

The cream has dark-beige color, thick texture and light nice smell.
Fast and easy to apply on skin, a little amount could cover the whole face.
natural lightening

BB cream fully absorbs in 30 minutes, but even after ~10 minutes you can go out without any doubts - the face color will be just fine ~kkk
natural light

with flash

Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB cream leaves no marks, easy feathered. There is no "mask-effect" as well. It provides medium coverage - small problems will be covered for sure, but pimps and noticeable scars/marks need a concealer. This bb cream nicely adjusts skin color and makes the skin look smooth. It brightens skin a little bit *as almost every bb cream*, but it doesn`t make you look like a ghost, no worries! lol~ After 3-4 hours my nose and forehead areas start to shine *I just wipe my face with a blotting paper and the problem is solved kk*.
When I was using it in a daily basis, I have noticed that I had less break outs and my skin looked way better. And yes, because of the SPF I have used it a lot during summer time, though I didn`t use it in a hot weather, because my face felt like in some greenhouse >-<``
There is a photo, where I was wearing  Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB cream, however it is quite old. I`m sure you remember that I don`t use bb creams during winter, right? ^-^ 


p.s. Even though there was some shortcomings in this bb cream, I still think it is quite good. That`s why I decided to give a maximum rating. 

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  1. Looks great on you! I'm looking for a bb cream without yellow skintone, I guess I should try it )))