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Friday, 28 June 2013

Missha & SKINFOOD - Seoul haul~

Hello, guys~! ^^
Today I will show you cosmetics I have bought at Missha and SKINFOOD stores in Seoul. First of all, I want to notice, that this two shops are the best when it comes to samples. Shop assistants gave me a lot of samples (especially at SKINFOOD shop ^-^)! Who doesn`t like to receive samples?! ~lol Everyone loves! It is right policy to give lots of samples, because I might buy a full version of the product if I like a sample. kkk So because of that, and great quality of the products and high level of service, i have always felt happy, after visiting Missha and SKINFOOD shops!

1. Missha

My Korean friend has said, that Koreans like Missha. This brand is quite popular for its quality and effective products. The concept might not be that catchy, like princess-style Etude House or all-natural Innisfree, but during all these years Missha has proved to be worthy to stay at the top.
Now "the face" of the brand is the well-known Korean idols DBSK.
So, what have I bought at Missha shops?

  1. All around Safe Block Aqua sun gel & All around Safe Block Essence sun (I got 2 pcs. paying only for 1 kkk~)
  2. Pure Source sheet mask: honey, caviar and pomegranate
  3. Samples: Super Aqua ultra waterfull cream, Time revolution night repair ampoule and Signature wrinkle filler BB cream.

  1. All around Safe Block Aqua sun gel & All around Safe Block Waterproof sun
  2. Yogurt plus pack (peach)
  3. Samples:  Signature wrinkle filler BB cream, Time Revolution the first treatment essence, Super Aqua Refreshing clear gel and some other cream.


I like SKINFOOD nature-close concept, the design of the shops and friendly assistants. ^-^ This is also the shop, which gave me most of the samples! Yes, they gave lots of samples even when you buy only one product. ^^ keke Such great service made me want to return to this shops again and again~
So, this are some products I have bought at SKINFOOD:

  1. Egg white pore mask
  2. Tomato and Broccoli sheet masks
  3. Samples: Aloe Vera foaming cleanser, Platinum grape cell essence, Royal honey mask and Broccoli cream.

  1. Pomegranate shampoo
  2. Samples: Broccoli cleansing foam, Royal honey hydra cream, Blanc pearl caviar serum and Argan oil silk hair mask pack.

  1. Green tea milk cleansing foam (fresh)
  2. Samples: Good Afternoon honey BB cream, Aloe Vera cream cleanser, cabbage toner, Omija whitening cream and Watery berry ampoule.

That`s it!
What is your favorite brand in Korean cosmetics?

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