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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Etude House - Seoul haul~

Hello~! ^-^
While I was in Seoul, I just couldn`t miss super cute Etude House shops!

They are so princess-like - white and very girly. ^-^ And inside it is just as cute as outside ~kk So, it is a pleasure to shop there ;p Even though, I can`t say I am a huge fun of Etude House cosmetics, I have bought a plenty of things there.

  1. Milk talk strawberry body wash
  2. Royal Jelly honey sheet mask
  3. nose patch
  4. collagen under eyes patch

  1. Kissful lip care scrub
  2. Dear girls be clear moisturizer
  3. Be real cabbage capsule mask
  4. Pomegranate sheet mask & collagen moistfull cream samples (presents)

  1. 파티러버 and Royal Coral nail polishes
  2. Nail polish remover
  3. Apricot stick lip gloss\balm
  4. Pomegranate sheet mask (present)

  1. CC cream #silky
  2. BB cream #cotton sample (present)

  1. CC cream #silky
  2. Lip & Eye make up remover x 2pcs.
As you can see I have bought quite a lot at Etude House shops. However most of the cosmetics are the presents to my friends. I won`t keep it all to myself ~kk
I enjoyed shopping at this wonderful princess houses (the interior is cute and the quality of products is really high), but.. There was one thing that makes me kinda disappointed with this brand - this is the only brand, which gave a little sample or no samples at all!! You can see it clear at the photos >-< All Etude House shops were so greedy when it came to samples :<

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