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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Flight St.Petersburg->Seoul & Seoul->St.Petersburg

Hello~! ^^
This is the very 1st part of a new series of blog posts under the title "Adventures in Korea" *lol what?*
And every journey begins with a road. In my case it was sky ~kkk This was my first flight and I decided to chose a well-known company with great reputation - Korean Air.

Korean Air provides high service for affordable prices.
For example, my flight in both sides cost 742. Which is quite cheap (comparing with other companies). More than that, if you buy a ticket early (more than a month before departure), you can save a good amount of money! I didn`t know about that >-<` So i have to pay the price I have mentioned earlier~ But if only I have bought the tickets a little bit earlier, i could save ~40. *next time i will be smarter lol*

1. Pulkovo, St.Petersburg, Russia -> Incheon, Seoul, South Korea
before i went to check-in kk
waiting for departure!
It is kinda sad, i wasn`t able to take pictures during departure (you can`t use your notebooks, cell phones and cameras during departure and arrival). Because St.Petersburg during the night time from the sky looked sooo beautiful! I almost felt in love with this city ~kk *almost, because the 1st place in my heart will always be for Seoul*

Overall the flight was comfortable, even though it takes ~9 hours to reach the destination. I had 2 main meals and 2 snack times. *you can eat a lot during the flight! and become fat ahaha*
As this flight was during the night, i didn`t have the 1st meal *can`t eat at night! ugh, it makes me sick*. But i tried breakfast:
  • omelet
  • yogurt
  • fruit salad
  • croissant with strawberry jam
  • water 
That was my choice for breakfast, but actually you can chose between 2 or 3 sets.
Annyeong haseyo, Incheon! ^-^

2. Incheon, Seoul, South Korea -> Pulkovo, St.Petersburg, Russia.
The flight back was sad. After living for a month in Seoul, i felt like i was leaving home and going somewhere I didn`t really want to go. t_t
Incheon airport, departure terminal

Airport in Incheon is very comfortable and way bigger than in Pulkovo in St.Petersburg ~lol
You can easily find a place for check in just after a look at tablo or after asking an assistant. *they are so friendly and eager to help!*

this is a place where you can tell "goodbyes`" to your friends, family, etc.

"tax free" zone
gate to Russia ~kk 

our plane is waiting! ^-^
in 10 minutes the plane would departure!

beautiful sky~! ^-^

My return was more interesting and fast, because this time i used all services our plane provides! Look at this:

You have this screen at a seat in front of you. So i was able to watch movies, listen to music, play games and read articles and news! How great is it? kk cool, i know~ ^-^ During the flight I have seen 3 movies (latest ones!) and listened K-pop ~kk
And of course, this time I eat all meals lol *and yes, i felt super fat after that t_t*
  1. beef with potatoes and vegetables
  2. salad
  3. piece of cake
  4. bun with butter
  5. water & orange juice

  • fish with noodles
  • salad
  • orange & water-melon
  • bun with butter
  • water and coffee
Welcome to Pulkovo, Russia!

I feel like i have awaken from some beautiful dream and now I am back in small world i don`t really want to stay in. Reality is a b*tch.

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