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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Seoul for soul. Part 1. Insa-dong

Hey, guys~! ^-^
Today I am going to introduce you a well-known for foreigners street in Seoul. It is called "Insa-dong". Personally, I have been there 4 or 5 times during my stay in Korea. It was pretty close to my home, so I liked going there~ ^^
What is Insa-dong? This is a place you can see all traditional Korean crafts - dojang (Korean seal, which can be made with your own name), buchae (Korean handheld fan), hanbok (traditional dress) utensils, etc.! You can`t miss this place, if you want to buy some great Korean souvenirs for your friends and family. You can also go to some master-classes there and try Korean food and super-delicious sweets and tea. *yummy~*
Should I tell more? ~kkk It is better to see everything with your own eyes!

At Insa-dong, there is a special place for couples. If you love some person, who doesn`t know about your feelings, you can leave a note at a wall, so this person might love you back. If you have already have a boyfriend\girlfriend, then you can leave a note too, so your relationship will last forever. ^-^

After a long walk on Insa-dong, you can go to a tea-shop - to relax and enjoy delicious Korean traditional tea.

I have gone to such place with my friends. It looks so cool - old style, but comfortable atmosphere.

there were Golden fishes there! ;p

The tea was so tasty! You can choose from a great variety of different teas and order a dessert (rice cake with honey) as well. Tea`s price is quite high (~ 7,000 ), however it is worth the money. ^-^

I and my friends had a great time there!! ^-^

My friends study Russian, so Luda has written this so our meeting will be in the history of this cafe for a while ~kk

That`s all for a trip to Insa-dong~ Did you enjoy our little journey? ^-^

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