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Friday, 18 October 2013

Innisfree & The Face Shop - Seoul haul~

Annyeong~!! ^^
I continue sharing cosmetic products I have bought during my trip in Korea. The time has come to show some Innisfree and The Face Shop products. These two brands are in a list of my favorite Korean cosmetic companies. Mostly because of their "nature-friendly" concept, but also because of the high quality of the products and great results after usage.

1. Innisfree
Innisfree is a well-know Korean brand, which is quite popular in many countries. Innisfree Wine peeling jelly softener was one of the first Korean cosmetic products I have tried. And it was like 3 years ago.. So I have a long history of "relationship" with this brand. So far, I have only positive experience. And I hope it will stay this way. ^^

This is how Innisfree stores look like - white & green. ^^ 

So, what have I bought there?
o, how i love their eco bags!! ^^

  • Eco volume mascara #black
  • Capsule recipe pack: honey and peach
  • It`s real sheet mask: cucumber, acai berry and tea tree (one was as a present, but I don`t remember which ><`).

  • Jeju Sudachi soothing mask
  • It`s real sheet mask: shea butter, pomegranate and kiwi
  • Capsule recipe pack #apple
  • Samples: Green barley clear scrub (2 pcs.) and white tone up sleeping pack (2 pcs.).

2. The Face Shop
I have never tried the products of this brand before my trip to Korea. Of course I have heard about The Face Shop and I have seen some ads, but I just haven`t got a chance to test it. So while I was in Korea, I have thought it was a right time to buy something from The Face Shop store. Now I can say I am absolutely in love with the brand! Both the Nature Republic and The Face Shop are my favorite Korean brands at this moment. 

As you can see the concept of the store is almost the same as Innisfree`s

And this is what I have bought there:

  • Aloe fresh 95% all-in-one moisture gel 500 (!!!) ml
  • Mini capsule pack wash off type #cucumber
  • Real nature sheet mask: Avocado, Aloe, Acai berry, Mung bean and Red ginseng
By the way, The Face Shop sheet masks are awesome!! Don`t hesitate to try them out! ^_- 
And this super huge "bowl" of aloe gel.. mm it is super good, too! 


  1. *.* You are so lucky to have a shop like that! I wish we have one here. Love all the masks you bought! Hope you post a review of the Eco mascara! :)


    1. Thank you~ ^-^
      Unfortunately, I`m living in Russia. So, we don`t have Korean cosmetic (or any other) shops here. But I was lucky enough to visit them while I was in Korea. keke~
      I will try to make a review on this mascara!
      And I will definitely check your blog ^-^