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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seoul for soul. Part 3. Ewha Womans University

Hey, everyone~! ^^
Today I will continue showing some pictures from my trip to Korea, Seoul. My 3d day in Seoul I have spent with my friend, walking around Sinchon, visiting two Universities - Ewha Womans University and Yonsei University. For now, I am going to introduce Ewha Womans University.
As I have been living close to Ewha, I can say I went through it pretty much every day. It was the shortest way to subway station and I also liked shopping in this area (there are lots of clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetic shops at the area near university).
What is Ewha Womans University?
 이화여자대학교 (Ewha Womans University) - is a private women's university in central Seoul. It is one of the city's largest institutions of higher learning and currently the world's largest female educational institute. It is one of the best-known universities in South Korea, also considered to be one of the top universities in Korea. Ewha was founded in 1886 by the American Methodist Episcopal missionary Mary F. Scranton"Ewha" (이화) is a Sino-Korean term for "pear blossom". (c) wikipedia

Ewha Womans University is such a beautiful place, which is very popular among girls. No wonder! I wish i would be able to study at this place too. ^-^` On one photo you can see a museum. It is free to enter, but you cannot take picture there >< The museum is quite interesting, so if you are walking around Ewha, don`t miss the chance to visit it! ;p 
Oh, and I have seen the University at May. I think this is the best time to visit it, because of the full bloom of flowers. The scenery is just wonderful! Besides, the university festival is held during May too! It is open for everyone and you can even have a chance to see your favorite K-pop idols on it!!! >-<

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  1. Oh dang! That is one biggggg university! You are so lucky to be able to have a trip like this! :) Totally wish I could go! ~~