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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Music favorites. October

Heeey~! ^-^
This edition of "Music favorites" is special. I usually write TOP 5 of my favorite songs of the month. But this time I have a big struggle - I had to decide whether it would be the TOP 5 as usual, or TOP 7, because I have way more favorite songs this time! After all, I made a decision to post TOP 7 favorite songs as i like them all that much. Actually, I like some of them more, others less. But overall all of them have made my mood during the month.

1. 빅스  "어둠 속을 밝혀줘" (VIXX - Light Up the Darkness\Light me up)
There is no official MV for this song, but VIXX has performed it at various radio and TV programs. So I will show a video from Arirang Sound K radio show and their performance (not full song though) from "Global request show: A song for you" from 131011. Or you can search for Shimshimtapa from 130605.
The song is truly amazing! The lyrics and music - everything awesome! And of course Leo`s voice with Ravi rap = 대박!!

2. 비투비 "사랑밖에 난 몰라" ( BTOB - Lover Boy\I only know love)
This is one of the Korean songs I can actually sing lol Except rap parts, of course~ I like it because.. it is beautiful. It is kinda slow for my usual liking, but this time I don`t care about that ;p Besides it is so fun to watch BtoB performs this song *Ilsik moments!!! fangirling~~~*

3. 비투비 "스릴" (BTOB - Thriller) 
Crazy Ilhoon is crazy lol Great song, but it wasn`t a "love from the 1st tune" to me kkk Some songs need time to fall for. O, and behind the scene video for this MV is worth seeing!! *shirtless Hyunsik~ dying*

4. 비투비 "WOW" (BTOB - WOW)
Super-super catchy song! With crazy cool dance ;p I don`t like the MV that much *that girl was super annoying! :<*, so I am going to show a dance practice instead ^^ It is way more fun to watch! keke

5. 블락비 "Very Good" (Block B - Very Good)
Block B is an awesome group, but this guys has so many troubles >< Last year all BBCs were thrilled, because the group had filled a lawsuit against its agency. After that no one was sure what was going to happen with Block B. Fortunately, after almost a year, guys has returned with super cool awesome crazy song - Very Good! Which is very good indeed kkk MV is crazy in a good way. It is absolutely their style with some GD in it. Love it!

6. 나인뮤지스 "와일드"  (Nine Muses - Wild)
I am not a fan of girl groups, but I do like some songs from this or that group. This song is the one I really like. Catchy and beautiful, like the ladies of Nine Muses. MV is rated +19 though! kk For Korean audience I think, because perverted Europeans *like me* see nothing rated here. 

7. 빅스  "Hyde" (VIXX - Hyde)
Very good song with some "dark" scent in it~ I like the concept and dance a lot! Enjoy it, too~ ^-^


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