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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

"Empties" - "come to an end" products~

Hey, hey~~! ^_-
This is the very first time I am writing a post about the products I have finished during the month. Actually, it is a rare case, when I have more than 3 products coming to an end at the same time. And I don`t like to collect empty bottles -_- But for the sake of the "brad new" entry, I have collected all the "leftovers" of the month. So I am going to write a few words about each product - whether I liked it or not.

  1. SKINFOOD Pomegranate Shampoo (헤어로스케어 샴푸액) 320g - This is a shampoo against hair loss and thinning hair. I have to say, the shampoo is just amazing! It worked very good for my hair. The smell is also nice~ ^-^ What I liked the most about this shampoo is that it made my hair less curly and more shiny. And it was also economical - I needed to use a little amount of the product, even though my hair is pretty long. The funny thing is that because of the different water (i guess it was the reason) this shampoo didn`t work at all in Korea, but it was super good when I used it in Russia!  
  2. Black Pearl "Ideal skin" body scrub 200ml - the best body scrub I have ever had!! Seriously! This is a Russian product and I usually less enthusiastic when I make a review on Russian products, but this one is worth to be noticed! Not only it has a wonderful coffee scent, but also it made my skin soft and smooth. ^-^ It might be considered a little bit harsh, but I think for body it is a perfect kind of scrub (don`t use it for face though!! ;o). I have been using it for more than half of the year and I will definitely buy it again. 
  3. Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Spanish Pomegranate energizing shower gel 200ml - it has a yummy fresh, little bit sour scent, which really gives some energy and keeps you fresh and alive lol (good for a morning shower!). I can`t say it made my skin moisturized, but I also haven`t noticed any dryness or uncomfortable feeling. 
  4. SKINFOOD Rice Mask wash off 100g - what I want to say about this mask.. it wasn`t a "love from the first try" ~kkk At first, I didn`t like it that much. It was fine, but that was all. But when I have used a half of it I have noticed that my skin reacted very good on it. The rice mask works actually like a scrub, as it has this little rice parts on it. It gently removes dead skin cells and makes your face clean and smooth. So for now I can give 5 out of 5 for this product! ^-^
  5. NIVEA Intensive care SPF15 lip balm 4,8g - if you have read my early posts you might have already noticed how much I love Nivea lip balms. ;p This particular one is moisturizing and medicated. It protects lips very well from any kind of cold, windy or dry weather. But you have to use it regularly, so you lips will always be beautiful. ^^
  6. Etude House Lip & Eye remover (립앤아이리무버) 100ml - this is the only product from this list which I wasn`t over excited. It worked fine.. just fine. Maybe around 3 out of 5. This remover is a two-phased product, so it leaves skin oily after usage. And what I didn`t like is that it took quite a lot of time to remove eye make up. >-<` Even though I have used it on Korean mascaras only. Korean remover can`t remove Korean mascara well.. What the..? Not fun >-<

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