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Monday, 21 October 2013

E-bay haul: October edition

Hello, guys~!
I`m here again~ hehe I like online shopping a lot, which you could probably see from my posts :p As I am living in a small city in Russia *yeah, my country sucks when it comes to good shops*, I can get some awesome products only purchasing them online. And the best place for me is E-bay! The most purchased items (in my case) are: CD disks & cosmetics from Koreaclothes, shoes & accessories from China; food and beauty supplements from Japan.
No wonder, I am always waiting for something kkk
Right now I am going to show some things I have received during this month.

1. Tonymoly Baby Doll BB powder
+ Lioele Fresh sun screen SPF 45 as a sample

This is a second time I`ve purchased this powder. It means this product is awesome. Really! Because it`s a rare case to me to buy the same cosmetic product again, as I always want to try something new, to find a better one. 

2. Black knee-high stockings with spikes!
They are just super cool! Comfortable and look amazing ^-^ I wear them with skirt and my black creepers.

3. EOS honeysuckle\honeydew lip balm

I`m using it right now ^-^ Overall, it leaves a pleasant feeling, but there is also something I don`t like about it. I won`t write its pros and cons here, as I am planning to post a full review. Stay tuned!! ;p

4. MIZON Special Therapy Good Night white sleeping mask and A.C Care Solution Mark-X blemish after cream

Sleeping mask is wonderful! It works pretty good. But I haven`t really tried "blemish after cream". So, I might write more about these two products later~ *if i won`t be too lazy -_-`*

5. The Face Shop Rice Ceramide moisture toner & emulsion
+ The Face Shop Chia Seed cream and SKINFOOD Watery Berry blending cream as samples from seller

I have already included both Rice Ceramide toner and emulsion in my daily skin care routine. And as far I have only positive results. Gonna use them a little bit more, before giving better description. ^-^

6. Meiji Vegetable & Fruit Gummy with collagen

I have eaten them all, because the pack was small ^^` Candies look like little carrots (like on the front side of the pack) and has citrus and carrot taste. Very yummy!! And as they contain collagen, they are also good for skin~ *that`s why I like Japanese products lol*

p.s. if you are interested in some particular product from this list, let me know. I might write a review on it. 

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